The First Batch of Pumpkins

Here are some shots of a few pumpkins that I have just finished. They were created using the method from Stolloween’s site (

The first is the mini pumpkin, he’s a little intimidated by the other, larger, scarier pumpkins in the patch

Then we have the Pumpkin Man, look out for him, he has legs and has been know to chance children and small animals for snacks.

That brings us to Dopey Pumpkin, simply minded that is true but a fearsome pumpkin none the less.

And finally, my favorite, the Trick-or-Treat Lophiiforme(aka Angler Fish) Pumpkin The blue glowing lure is a christmas light bulb over a blinking LED light that came out of a necklace from a conference.

Here’s a shot that better shows the glowing “lure”

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