Work In Progress: Random Head Forms

I picked up two wig foam heads from a local beauty supply store to use as molds for heads. I stared by covering the head with coffee filters soaked in water.  This was done to help the paper mache release once dry.  I love coffee filters for getting into intricate shapes and curves.  Once the head was covered I then did a layer of coffee filters soaked in paste.  Once that layer was complete I covered the entire head in 2 layers of standard strip mache.  Then came the hard part, getting the foam head out without ruining the foam head, or the mache cast.  I used a box cutter to cut the head in half.  to make re-assembling easier I cut along the ears, so the front half was the face and the back half was the back of the head.  Below are some shots of the process.  I haven’t decided what to use them for just yet, but figured having a few around would come in handy once I was inspired.

*Disclaimer, my wife was watching Rachel Ray, not me.

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