LEGO FCG (Flying Crank Ghost)

After having no luck finding a rotissere motor at the local thrift stores, I decided to build a LEGO FCG.  This was my first attempt at an FCG and I was pretty un-sure of the mechanics.  After building it in LEGOs I am more confident in building a full size version.  I will have to keep hunting for a good/cheap motor but in the meantime, I am pretty satisfied with the LEGO version. The original FCG was developed by Doug Ferguson of

It’s hard to give a tutorial for legos without reverting back to the classic diagrams that always come with the set.  So, I will highlight the main components in hopes that it helps clear things up.

First have a worm gear come off of the main motor.  this will give you good torque and a slow steady speed.  Connect a 32 tooth (medium) gear to the worm gear.  I had to use a second 32 tooth gear to translate horizontal to vertical rotation. 

Using a lego axel, hook up a long rotating arm.  At the end place a standard fly wheel that you can tie the strings to, if you use the right pieces the fly wheel will rotate at the end of the arm and the strings won’t get all tangled up. 

After that all that is really left to do is to build a frame/stand and to run the string through hooks at the top of the stand.  I am also working on a lego AxeWorthy ghost but need to scrounge for more materials.  I can bear to tear apart the LEGO FCG and am running low on parts.


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