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Bonewart – The First Hanging Video

May 29, 2010

Here is the first hanging of Bonewart.  Finally all of the pieces have dried and I was able to see what it would actually look like when all assembled together. Below are a few still shots, and yes I know we have a very colorful basement.  It came with the house, we are working on making […]

Bonewart – Tail

May 29, 2010

The tail was made using two pool noodles, one larger than the other.  I cut them into ~4 inch sections and threaded them over a rope.  After that they were all covered in a layer of strip mache just so the paint would have a good surface to stick to.  This was completed a few […]

Bonewart – Wings

May 22, 2010

This afternoon I did a dry fitting of the wings. I gotta say it looks awesome. The pvc pipe worked way better than I thought it would. When lId out flat the wing span is 16 feet. Once it is angled up it should be around 12 feet wide. Nexrt up is hacking apart some […]

Bonewart – Ribs

May 21, 2010

Tonight I started covering the ribs with papier mache clay. To help hold the ribs in position I left the wires that go through the sternum in place. I ended up bending the wire ends that came through the tips of the ribs to keep it nice and snug. The string was left in place […]

Site Chages

May 20, 2010

Just a heads up, I am re-arranging this site a bit.  I will be using the blog to post progress on projects and ramblings but all completed projects will move to be pages.  The reason is that when I keep updating a blog post it keeps changing the URL.  So in an effort to reduce […]