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Epic win

June 28, 2010

For father’s day my gift from my wife, Kelly, was a printed book documenting the construction of my baby. Bonewart. I gotta say, Kelly rocks. Advertisements

The Tridge Monster

June 28, 2010

The town I live in, Midland Michigan, is having a festival called Riverdays. This year there is a milk jug raft race. So… of course I am entering a raft. I am working on a giant angler fish monster raft. Here are some shots of the progress so far. I will keep posting updates on […] order has arrived!

June 26, 2010

My wife, Kelly, got me a gift certificate to for my birthday and my order has arrived! 10 lbs of monster clay, a gallon of mask latex, 25 lbs of ultra cal and a foam head form! I am so excited to start that I am having a hard time deciding what sort of […]

Goodwill find

June 10, 2010

OK… so this isn’t Halloween related but is still really cool. When I went in to goodwill today, again looking for Halloween prop building supplies, I came across this comfy green leather recliner. Sure its a little worn, most good things are, but what sealed the deal was that it was only 4.99. Works great, […]

Salvation army find

June 10, 2010

While scouring the salvation army for supplies for my June mad lab entry, I came across some mini pumpkins and a nice pumpkin platter. All this for $1.80. Score!

My haunt at GLFF

June 5, 2010

Here are a few photos of our campsite at great lakes fright fest.