The Tridge Monster

The town I live in, Midland Michigan, is having a festival called Riverdays. This year there is a milk jug raft race. So… of course I am entering a raft. I am working on a giant angler fish monster raft. Here are some shots of the progress so far. I will keep posting updates on the progress. If you are I’m Midland on July 17 come on down to Riverdays!


The plans


Rough fish head shape, made out of pool noodles, some scrap pvc pipe and scrap wood.  It was then covered in chicken wire.


A shot with the angler lure, this is being constructed so it can come on and off.


The teeth!


From the front, with a few layers of newspaper taped into place, strip papier mache will be added next.


From the side.


This is a shot of the bottom of the raft platform, the fish head will be screwed onto the front/top of this.  The vertical boards are to add a little strength, to help the raft track better, and to act as skids so the milk jugs don’t get damaged when launching/transporting.

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