Pumpkin headed scare crows – rib cages





Ok… pumpkin headed scare crow is to difficult to type all the time, so I am going to call this trio the pumpkin watchers.  The ribs are made out of cardboard.  I quickly freehanded the shape and cut it out with a utility knife.  Didn’t even cut myself once!  Down the sternum I added a ridge of cardboard.  This is another technique “borrowed” from STOLLOWEEN. To give the bones a rounded look I used paper towels.  This worked really well.  What you do is lightly roll up a paper towel into a tube, dip said tube in paste, and gently scrape off the excess paste.  Place the paper towel on the cardboard rib form.  Once the entire rib form is covered in paper towel padding,  use regular strip mache over top of it.

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