Pumpkin Watchers – hands








The hands for the Pumpkin Watchers are very similar to the hands for Bonewart.  The main difference, aside from scale, is that I used a chunk of recycled packaging  styrofoam for the palms.  This worked great.  The fingers were positioned by twisting the paper tubes into the foam, the taped into place.  Each hand has three fingers and a thumb.  The fingers are made out of toilet paper tubes that were slit down the middle and rolled to about the thickness of my thumb.  Each finger joint had a triangle snipped out of the end so it would slide over the previous finger.  The wrist was just an unaltered toilet paper tube that was twisted into place.  Each wrist/arm was made out of three tubes connected together.  I left the arm open so the hands can slide over a PVC pipe or wood armature.  The nails were cut out ofcereal box cardboard.  Balled up paper towel was inserted into each finger tip to round off the end of the fingers.  The entire hand and wrist was then covered in a few layers of strip mache.  Next up the will be given some texture via mache and paper towels.  This should give them a nice wrinkled look


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