Halloweekends 2010 Review

I spent this past weekend at Halloweekends in Cedar Point and I thought I would share my thoughts on the whole experience.  Don’t worry, no spoilers here.  Overall I have to say I was very impressed and had a great time.  All of the actors and employees were fantastic.  The actors seemed dead on (no pun intended) when it came to knowing a patrons limits.  They were able to adjust their scare level so everyone had a good scare but no kids were traumatized or adults like myself left standing in a puddle of urine.  The whole park had some funny props of skeletons in various situations.  The lines were perfect, we were able to walk on most rides and had only short (less than 10 min) waits for most haunted attractions.

Haunted Houses

Happy Jack’s Toy Factory

Happy Jack’s is a toy factory gone wrong.  You are greeted at the entrance by a huge animated Jack-in-the-box.  To me, Happy Jack’s did an excellent job of escalating the fear factor the further along in the house you went.  I think my favorite room was the shipping warehouse with all of the cardboard boxes.  It was a simple technique that was used by cutting out cardboard squares and attaching them to the wall but it really gave the effect of being lost in a warehouse full of boxes.  I was blown away by the sheer amount of props contained in this haunted house, there had to be thousands of creepy dolls.  I was expecting more repetition in the scenery but was pleasantly surprised that it was fresh and interesting throughout the entire haunted house.

Club Blood

Before going through club blood this one was on the bottom of the my list, I’m just not that in to vampires.  However, Club Blood is at the top of my list for next year.  This was the goriest of all of the haunted houses, but not overdone.  The variety of scares was fantastic.  All of the scenery was very well done and I loved the music that was playing throughout.  I can’t say enough good things about this attraction.

Dr. D. Menteds Asylum for the Criminally Insane

This was the first indoor haunted house we walked through and it left me wanting more.  Where Happy Jack’s got better and better as you went through Dr. D. Metend’s was the opposite.  A strong start with a very well done lobby led into plain, almost bare rooms.  I have a feeling that this may get better “furnished” over time since this was its first year.  I have no complaints about the actors; it just seemed that the decor needed a little bit more.

Erie Estates

This haunt had long lines the entire weekend so we never did get to go through it, but we figured it was good to save at least one thing for our next visit 🙂

Outdoor Walkthroughs


Scarecrows creep me out to a whole new level after going through this one.  Even the queue lines were decked out with corn stalks.  Cornstalkers took advantage of camouflage which made it darn near impossible to see an actor until after your heart skipped a beat.  They did a great job of making it feel like you were lost in a corn field being harassed by possessed/demented scare crows.  I don’t want to give anything away since the surprises really made this a great walk through.

Fear Faire

The fear faire was our first outdoor walkthrough.  I was drawn to it by a giant animatronic demon that graced the entrance. The medieval theme was very cool and something I had never seen done in a haunt before.  The props were spaced out quite a bit but this made it so the groups of people going through were able to be very spaced out so you really felt alone and isolated.  I did get gently prodded to move along as I stopped to stare longingly at all of the different carts of items that were near the end.  From witches carts to random pottery I was very impressed at the level of detail and could have studied the props for at least an hour without getting bored.


I flipping hate clowns, In the sense that they scare the buggers out of me.  This was a well done walk through with various creepy carnival booths.  The scares were a little predictable since it was in such an open area but they were still effective every time.  The carnival barkers that graced the entrances were a really nice touch.  It did a great job of making it feel like this was a carnival that set up just outside of town.  I also really liked that this was a two way haunt.  Since it was on a midway that connected to main paths you could enter from either end and the actors did great dealing with patrons coming at them from both sides.

Terror Island

Hands down, my favorite outdoor walkthrough.  Even getting to the walkthrough was creepy crossing the floating bridge to the island.  There were a couple of techniques used that really worked great.  I have never had a scare actor fly at me from a rope swing and let me tell you, a half rotten zombie pirate seeming to fly at you out of the fog will scare the crap right out of you.  There was some slight repetition in the setup with crates but right when I thought I had it figured out they would mix it up and get me every time.  My only regret with Terror Island is that we only went through it once during our weekend stay.  I wish I would have hit it up a few more times.

The Fright Zone

This was beyond cool.  I loved that the whole frontier town was fogged to the max with tons of actors roaming around.  We kept going back and forth through this just because it was so free form and fluid.  The only “Turn Off” to the fright zone was that sometimes the giant talking skull would joke around a little too much.  I was hoping for it being more “In character”  However, it worked well since it marked the entrance/exit of the fright zone so it worked to relax folks that just had their heart rates elevated as well as entertained the little kids that weren’t up to going through the fright zone.

Well, that’s about all I can say without giving away too much and risking ruining a trip for someone.  All said and done I will be back next year!  On a side note, we camped at Camper Village and that worked out great.  We were able to have food cooking in the slow cooker all day for lunch/dinner and just scoot back there to grab a bite to eat.  Of course we still got our fill of jumbo pretzels, elephant ears, souvenir cups, and hot cider, but it was nice to have a hot meal waiting in the camper.  Plus, getting in an hour early was handy.  A lot of things were open yet but we were able to walk around and get the lay of the land before the masses arrived.  One thing that was open early was the millennium force, and let me tell you it kicked butt getting to walk right on that without a wait.

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  1. Sounds like you guys had a great time…thanks for the reviews, it’s been quite a few years since we’ve made it to Halloweekends and it looks like they’ve upped the fun quite a bit!

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