Winston the Grave Robber – prototype






Tonight I started working on Winston, our grave robber.  He is just a styrofoam wig head with a latex mask overtop.  Using the zombietronix skeleton calculator, I was able to make a PVC body.  Tomorrow I will hit up the goodwill for some clothes.  His body will be stuffed with plastic grocery bags.  I couldn’t resist putting an outfit on him just to see how it looked.  This was a very easy prop to build and was only 30 bucks for all the bits and pieces, mask, and foam head.  In the yard he will be holding a wooden wheel barrow full of a burlap sack with random body parts hanging out.  His eyes are sticky squisky party favor eyeballs.  They give him life and are so creepy.  Plus they glow in the dark and react to black light.

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