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Antique Festival

September 24, 2011

Here is a shot of the tombstones we made for the antique festival in Midland.  Midlamd Recyclers will be here all weekend so stop by and say Hello! Advertisements

Graver Grabber Prototype

September 19, 2011

After watching a bunch of you-tube videos on grave grabbers I decided to make my own.  This is just a prototype to see if I understood the concept.  In preparations for this build I ordered some reindeer motors a few weeks ago.  It uses a basic four-bar linkage to get the movement down.  The prototype […]


September 18, 2011

For this Halloween I wanted to have a bunch of life-size zombies.  On the docket are working 10 – 6 foot tall zombies to place in our yard display.  I used the zombietronix biped calculator to get the right proportions. Since the pumpkin watchers from last year turned out to be a bit wobbly, I […]

Tombstone Central

September 17, 2011

Worked on making a small army of tombstones at Midland Recyclers.  They will be on sale at the antique festival in Midland the weekend of September 25th.  The tombstones are made out of recycled bead board and blue foam.  We also made a lot of do-dads that can be attached to give each one a […]