For this Halloween I wanted to have a bunch of life-size zombies.  On the docket are working 10 – 6 foot tall zombies to place in our yard display.  I used the zombietronix biped calculator to get the right proportions. Since the pumpkin watchers from last year turned out to be a bit wobbly, I opted for 1 inch PVC pipe for more strength as opposed to 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch.  A heat gun was used to bend the PVC to the desired angle for the arms, hips, shoulders, and spine.  More pictures to come as things progress.  I had Kelly and Evan pose for one of the shots to give the scale of the zombies.  So far 5 of the PVC bodies have been cut and assembled posed with the heat gun.








One Response to “Zombies”

  1. hi sir, I saw that you made a jackal head cage for a past halloween I believe my mom and I tried doing the cage twice, and with my dad out of state he can’t help us. he said he won’t be back until november 5th so my mom told me to try and contact you to ask and see if you’d be able to make a jackal head cage for us? my mom got more than 5 cuts on her hands as so did I in our despair we just threw the failed attempts, and this would be my costume this year for Halloween I’d be more than happy to pay you for the materials & your charge. please let me know by email “rbd1235@yahoo.com” thank you so much.

    Sincerely, Rigo.

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