Zombie Progress Update


Work is progressing on the zombie horde that will be invading our yard throughout October.

Starting with a loose fit on the PVC frame, I threw on the clothes to make sure I liked the way it all looked pre-stuffing and wiring.


These zombies will be out the in yard all month so I needed something to help hold the pose in place.  I found out last year that even tight fitting pvc will still slip and slide.  I have a few options, I could drill holes in the joints and run wire through or use traditional pvc glue.  I opted to use wire instead of glue since I wanted to have the pose be semi-permanent.  With the wire I can still disassemble the zombies for easier storage and travel.



With the joints all fixed into place, the zombie is ready to stuff.  I ran by Midland Recyclers to pick up a bunch of plastic grocery bags.  These should work great as they are easy to work with and won’t mold or rot out over time.  From the test run of the clothing I found I only really needed to bulk up the torso.  The legs look fine empty and all I did for the arms was to tie a few bags on to get a more consistent fill.


Five of the zombies have been fixed into place by drilling holes at key joints and inserting wire to keep them from moving.  Five more  zombies have been cut and are ready for assembly and posing with the heat gun.  One zombie has been stuffed and dressed and placed in the yard.  I hope to make a little progress every night and will add them to the yard bit by bit.


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