Let the planning begin!


I have my plan for our 2012 Halloween display finished!  I am a little late to the game this year but I think I have some cool new additions that will really make the yard look great.  The most noteable addition is a 16 channel light-o-ramma.  (Stay tuned for some test videos of it hooked up to night lights.)

This year, the focus is on quality over quantity.  I am making some new tombstones with more detail and more sturdy construction, all the zombies will be revisited making their stuffing and pose more zombie-like, the cemetary columns are getting overhauled and some new fencing is in the works.  I am hoping to make two coffins for the yard as well.   Oh and I almost forgot, I need to build a large masouleum to be a home for the FCG and to keep the electronics nice and dry.

More updates to come as things progress.


One Response to “Let the planning begin!”

  1. Awesome. Can’t wait to see how Evan responds.

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