20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Bedroom

I am officially finished with Evan’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea themed bedroom and he moves in tomorrow night. You may have noticed I haven’t posted much to my blog recently. The birth of our daughter in January and this undertaking have replaced late nights making zombies.



A quick overview, I started by ripping up the carpet and putting in a fireside oak laminate flooring.

Then moved to the riveted chair rail and padded fabric panels.

Teal paint finished off the top half of three walls.

The large wall was turned into a sea monster mural inspired by some of the concept art sketches from the movie. See the time lapse video below of the mural painting.

Then came the faux beams in the corners and fake steam and water pipes.

My wife made the comforter for the bed out of the same fabric that was used on the padded panels.

What submarine room would be complete without a submarine door?

The closet was turned into a reading nook, or a plop pit (Evan loves falling onto pillows yelling “Plop!”)

Some cheap wire shelving and some oil rubbed bronze spray paint made for a good look over the desk. Every piece on the shelves has a story behind it and most items have either been in the family for some time or have a special memory tied to it.

For wall decor, a ship painting my sister gave me years ago has moved from above the fireplace to Evan’s room. It just looks right there. The porthole started as a half sphere fish tank, I added the rivets and frame, added an aquarium background cling, fake plant, and octopus beanie baby.

The dresser, desk, night stand and chair were created by Mels Creative Corner. We saw the dresser online and instantly fell in love and then commissioned the rest of the pieces. Mel and Mel do fantastic work, have great prices and are just good people.

A few odds and ends help to round off the room like the green loop rug, fluffy or weird pillows, and of course a room darkening shade shoe can take his naps without being bothered by the light.

There are a few small things left to finish but they are really minor we are working on a curtain and sash for the closet, some simple curtains, but he is moving in and I am calling it done.

Enough of me babbling, on to the photos!















5 Responses to “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Bedroom”

  1. Awesome!!!

  2. This is incredibly awesome!

  3. Thank you đŸ™‚

  4. Great room for Evan!

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