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Viking Dragon Wagon

October 18, 2013

My kids are dressing up as vikings for Halloween this year.  Since they are still just wee viking warriors (2 and 9 months) they will need to ride in the wagon on Halloween night. It just didn’t seem right to put fierce viking warriors in a radio flyer wagon.  So… I decked out their wagon […]

Bone Mobile

October 8, 2013

What can you do with a bag of foam bones and some twine?  Well, you can make a bone mobile of course! This was pretty easy to make.  First start by laying out your bones to get an idea of how your mobile will look. I used a small crochet hook (don’t tell my wife!) […]

Mummified Faries

October 6, 2013

My sister-in-law challenged me to make a mummified fairy after she saw so amazing works on Pinterest.  While mine are not fine art, they work in s pinch and only take $2.25 each to make.  Here is sample of the finished version with directions after that. First things first, get your supplies.  I picked up […]