Mummified Faries

My sister-in-law challenged me to make a mummified fairy after she saw so amazing works on Pinterest.  While mine are not fine art, they work in s pinch and only take $2.25 each to make.  Here is sample of the finished version with directions after that.


First things first, get your supplies.  I picked up a few skeletons from the Dollar Tree, a little bit of floral wire, and some assorted fake butterfly wings. Grab some small beads if you want eyes.


Now you’re ready go get started.  Use the wire to hold your skeleton in the position you would like.


Now the tedious part, using the natural colored coffee filters and papier mache paste cover your fairy.  Using a small paint brush to apply the paste helps and allows you to get a nice wrinkled texture.

While that dries, take a look at your butterfly wings.  If they are a tad small like mine were, just glue two together.


As soon as the fairies are dry you can hot glue on the wings and your mummified fairy is ready for display.  Using the brown coffee filters results in a great color with no paint needed.  A second/third coat of papier mache would add some more texture and may allow for the support wires yo be cut.  I don’t have the patience yo text that theory out though :).





2 Responses to “Mummified Faries”

  1. Cute and simple idea!

  2. Thank you! 🙂

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