Viking Dragon Wagon

My kids are dressing up as vikings for Halloween this year.  Since they are still just wee viking warriors (2 and 9 months) they will need to ride in the wagon on Halloween night. It just didn’t seem right to put fierce viking warriors in a radio flyer wagon.  So… I decked out their wagon to look like a viking ship with scrap supplies.



First I cut up a cardboard box in the shape of the boat for the sides and back.  I drew on the wood grain with a sharpie.  The shields are just paper plates colored with marker and taped on.

The dragon head and tail were made out of scrap 2″ foam from other projects.  I sketched out the design and the scroll saw made quick work of it.  I rounded the edged with a rasp.  A little


To attach everything to the wagon I used so wire, think coat hangers.  I made simple “J”s out of the wire so it just hooks right onto the side of the wagon.  Longer straight wire was used for the bow and stern pieces.




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