Cauldron Creeps

This year one of the new items is a trio (hopefully) of Cauldron Creeps pioneered by the Devil’s Workshop.

Two will be stiring the pot while the third will be raising and lowering ingredients into the pot.

For the motors, I am using reindeer motors (you know those Xmas reindeer that move their heads up and down, you can buy those motors for cheap and they are built to run in the rain/snow/cold). They are very low torque and low speed which is perfect for this build.

I wasn’t able to find the foam bag of bones anywhere, only the hard plastic ones and I didn’t like the look of the hands, so I opted to create my own bones using a heat gun and plastic drop cloth.

Here is a short video of the progress so far.


Two creeps are ready for paint after a little garage time this evening.  I put some creepy cloth on one to se how it handles the weight and to see if the movement is still good.  I dig it!


Paint job! Painted them black at first, then hit with lime green spray paint that was quickly wiped off.



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