Last year we made these guys out of sticks, foam skulls, and some burlap.  I left the bodies outside all year and they just seem to look even better.  The most time consuming part was hit gluing the burlap to the foam skulls and cutting/extending one of the skulls to have a gaping maw.  The bodies were really easy and were throw together with some branches that came down after some high winds.  Just a little bit of floral wire holds them all together. 

We put them up this evening as one of the first decorations out for the year.


3 Responses to “Scarecrows”

  1. These look incredible. The roughness of the weathered burlap and sticks make them so creepy. Love them!

  2. I love a good scary scarecrow! Those add even more scare factors by being skeletons.

    My own take on scarecrows:

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