Indentured Soul

This is was created for a $20 prop challenge on The concept is that I will make a cheaper version of the Jackal head cage and place that on a ghost with chains and shackles on the wrists. I plan on making the head out of a recycled milk jug that will be distorted with a heat gun and embellished with papier mache and papier mache clay.

The head cage is made out of a recycled Miller Light 12-pack box.

Here are some shots of the head cage in progress.

Placed some guide lines on the box for cutting with a razor knife

And after section were cut out

Cut some wire to form the bent out bars of the front of the cage. I used tape to hold the distance of the wire when gluing, it worked really well to keep a consistent bend and spacing.

Hot glue on the cage bars

And with a few layers of mache

Here is the progress on the hands. They stared out as tracings of my forearms and hands on cardboard.

Then the arms/hands were built up with newspaper. Once built up I bent them into the shape I wanted.

When I was happy with the pose I covered them in two layers of paper mache.

Covered the hands with paper towels to give a wrinkled texture

Made the shackles that will go around the wrists

Started working on the head. First used a heat gun to melt a plastic milk jug (photo is sideways).

Then covered the whole thing in paper mache. Next I will add some papier mache clay to build up the features of the head (photo is sideways).

Started building up the shoulders of the ghost from some recycled packing material and a recycled parmesan cheese container. If all goes as planned I can use the cheese container to place the whole ghost over top of a post. I have it covered in papeir mache strips (4 layers so far) but I have left an opening for the cheese container.


I was able to get a few hours of work done and was able to coat the entire shoulder mount in mache as well as hook on two sections of salvaged PVP pipe that I will be able to run wire through for the arms.

I was also able to do a lot of clay work on the head. The down side is that it no longer fits in the cage opening! I will have to work on that since it would kinda be a bust if the head didn’t fit in the cage. Might have to cut and patch on the cage…

Once everything had dried I ran to the salvation army and scored some great finds. I found hair in the form of some twisted over-sized Barbi, the chains for the restraints were made out of shower curtain hooks, and some old curtains worked perfect for the body.

The Barbi was scalped and the hair was hot glued to the top of the indentured souls head. Next came painting. Everything was painted black to start. The head cage and chains were dry brushed with white and then a wash of a rusty color was added to that. The hands and head had greenish/silver wash added to them after the dry brushing.

Here are some of the final pics:

So what was the damage?

Recycled Miller lite 12 pack box – free

Recycled Milk Jug – Free

2 Foot long glue sticks – 2.00

Shower curtain hooks – .50

Recycled Newspaper – Free

Curtain – 3.00

Flour 4 cups – 1.00

Cellulose insulation – 1.00? A few hand fulls out of a gigantic bag.

Glow sticks for photo shoot (in head) – 1.00

Barbi Head – .80

Utility Wire 4 feet – 1.50

Twine – 6 feet – .50

Recycled/Scrap PVC Pipe – 5 feet – 2.02 new @ 30% scrap value – .60

Recycled Packing foam – Free

Recycled Parmesan Cheese container – Free

1/2 roll of Masking Tape – .50

Paint – black < 1/4 of a pint – 1.25 (found on returned shelf at lowes for 5 bucks)

Paint – Green/Red/Silver/Blue Acrylic – < one whole bottle – 1.50

Recycled Corrugated card board – Free

Total 15.15


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