Not Halloween, but all Papier Mache.

This past Christmas my family was making home-made gifts. I did a few things on the scroll saw, my wife crocheted hats, mittens and bags. Something out of papier mache was needed. So, the idea of creating a papier mache nutcracker began (my wife had the idea, she is the brains of our operation).


  • Paper towel tube
  • Cardboard
  • Newspaper
  • Papier Mache Clay
  • Paint
  • T-push needles


  • Paint Brushes
  • Scissors

I started by cutting a paper towel tube in half and then cutting out the rectangles for the mouth. I used a nutcracker from my collection as a model and based the proportions off of it.

Cardboard was used to make the Cracker portion.

Arms and legs were created using rolled up newspaper. Both the arms and legs are the same size and length, the difference is the arms will have PM clay balls at the end, the legs will have PM Clay feet.

A layer of PM clay was applied to the entire torso. It flares out slightly at the base and is rounded over at the top. The Arms had cuffs added out of PM clay and the feet were just blocked in and rounded over.

Once dry, the legs were glued to the torso (I forgot to close off the bottom so i had to hot glue a card board circle to the bottom of the torso).

The hands were then glued onto the arms

Before the arms were assembled, I painted the torso, arms and legs. I ended up using a gold photo marker to do all of the gold accents, it worked really well!

Here are a few shots of the completed nutcracker. The hair and beard were pieces of chenille fabric that were hot glued into place. The arms were secured with T-push needles with the T cut off. They are just long enough to hold the cracker in place. The cracker doesn’t move, but having it a separate piece really helped the over all look.

And a side-by-side of the two papier mache nutcrackers (right) and the original model (left).


2 Responses to “Nutcrackers”

  1. So cute! I am looking for a Christmas gift craft for my grandson and this looks perfect! Your tutorial looks great so I will give it a try! Thank you! And wish me luck! 🙂

  2. Great! Thank you!!!

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