Pillar of Eyes

The Pillar of Eyes made for the May 2009 Mad Lab Contest (http://themadlab.com/) SEI (Simple Every Item): Any sort of ball


The basic concept I had in mind was to make a stack of eyes out of tennis balls, then put some teeth around the eyes lids… why you ask, because teeth are scary.


  • Tennis Balls
  • Wire
  • Small plastic container
  • Small Balloons
  • Newspaper
  • Coffee Filters
  • Papier Mache Paste


  • Glue Gun
  • Exacto knife


I took three tennis balls and cut a flap out of them, bent it back and secured it in place with some wire.

Then the tennis balls were paper mached using coffee filters, strips were proving difficult to get all of the angles. To get a bulbous eye ball I stuck a balloon in the tennis ball and inflated it.

The balls were then stacked and glued together, the base was a cardboard circle with a left over cinnamon bun icing container glued to the top, then stripped mached.

Some clay to the flaps and placed sunflower seed teeth in the clay.

First did a matte coat of black

Then dry brushed with white, and painted the whites of the eyes

Then had fun with some different washes, ended up mixing leaf green, gold, and purple to get the puke color of the base and outer eye balls. The the inner eye balls were washed with gold then drybrushed with red, the roof of the mouth and gums had a little red added as well.


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