For the haunted pumpkin patch I want to have a skeleton that the baby/mini pumpkins appear to be feeding on. Hey, that’s what you get when you take a stroll through a haunted pumpkin patch. Since the skeleton will be laying on the ground I will be making it in pieces and arranging it on the ground come display time.

I started using a wrapping paper tube for the spine and shoulders. The arms and legs are just rolled up news paper. The collar bones and ribs were created with heavy gauge wire covered in twisted newspaper. Joints were created using balls of newspaper. The Hip was simply drawn out on cardboard, cut out, then beefed up with newspaper. I forgot to create te fibula and had already capped the rolled up newspaper but I don’t really think or notice. Besides if they get close enough to notice the “patch” should get them.

I am putting a lot of work into the armature since I want to have it as close to done as possible when covered in strip mache. Since this isn’t a main focus of the scene I want to get it done and looking half way decent and focus more on the pumpkins, the true “stars” of the patch.

I was playing around a year before I started this skeleton and had a half finished skull that has been incorporated to this project.  The skull size is a bit off but I can live it for a few seasons.


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