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Let the planning begin!

September 1, 2012

I have my plan for our 2012 Halloween display finished!  I am a little late to the game this year but I think I have some cool new additions that will really make the yard look great.  The most noteable addition is a 16 channel light-o-ramma.  (Stay tuned for some test videos of it hooked […]

Work In Progress: Haunted Pumpkin Patch

March 10, 2010

For my first yard haunt (October 2010) I am planing on having a few different “scenes”.  The first that I have planned out is a haunted pumpkin patch.  Many of last years pumpkins will be used with the addition of 4-6 mini pumpkins, a big mama pumpkin, a skeleton, a ghost lamp, and a few Grump […]